Forever Spring

Happy Monday, everyone! Today I am sharing one of my go-to looks for the season. As you all know it has been raining for what seems like years, and actually as soon as we started shooting this look it began to rain. But I am not letting that bring me down! I love this sleeveless trench for this time of year - when it's not quite warm enough for no coat, but you want something light that you can ... Read the Post

New Lengths

I can't even begin to tell you guys how happy I am with the new shirt length that is in style. As a new mom who's body just isn't like it used to be, seeing these longer styles as appose to the crop top trend is really speaking to me. Let's be honest, it's going to be a while before you see me in a crop top again (if ever), so bring on these long blouses and lengthy tops! I'll admit, this ... Read the Post

A Little Boho

Well I actually made it to the mall this weekend and can I just say that I am now more excited for Spring than ever before? I am loving all of these boho prints for the season! The snow seriously just needs to melt so we can move on to cute dresses, colorful prints and flow materials! This cute little dress is from H&M, and I love the pattern! Plus it's super comfy so I can dress up a bit ... Read the Post