Holiday Gifting from Sephora

It's that time of year again! Sephora's Beauty Insider Holiday Sale is now on, making it the perfect time to check off some people on your holiday shopping list! The gift sets are always a must this time of year, because you can take them apart and add them in to multiple gifts. It's also a great time to invest in more expensive products that never go on sale. Check out my sales picks below, the ... Read the Post

Our Exterior Home Reno

I am so excited to be sharing our exterior home renovation with you guys! This whole idea started back in March, when we were in isolation at home wondering what we could do to give our house a refresh. We bought this house about 10 years ago, and although we completely gutted the interior, we never got around to updating it on the outside. We wanted a 'modern farmhouse' feel but needed to make ... Read the Post

Sunflower Field

I haven't posted on the blog in so so long, but figured these pictures were worth a break in silence. A little trip to the sunflower field at Fletcher's Farm was the sweetest way to capture some family photos this summer. Thanks to Janessa Hogan for the photos - love having her capture memories for our fam! But can you just die at these cuties? Just want to freeze them and enjoy this stage ... Read the Post

Spring Sephora Sale Picks

I have been waiting for the Sephora Spring Savings event for a while now, because it is the perfect time to stock up on your favs! I placed a big order last week and will share what I got, but I also wants to mention some other categories too like haircare, brushes and other tools I love. Check out all my sale picks below, and happy shopping! Makeup Favs: Haircare Favs: Brushes & ... Read the Post

Disney Magic

The fact that these were only taken 2 weeks ago is mind blowing. LITERALLY EVERYTHING in the world has changed since this day, including Disney shutting their doors. I am so thankful that we went when we did, and feel for all the families that weren't able to go on their vacations this year. I wanted to post these photos, despite the pandemic, because this blog is a diary of sorts for me, and I do ... Read the Post

Tie Dye Happiness

With everything that is taking place in the world right now, I am trying to find happiness and positivity in the small things to get us through the day. And if this full tie dye sweat suite doesn't bring me happiness, I don't know what will! Tie dye is everywhere right now and I for one am not mad about it. Check out some of these favs if you are looking for something to cheer you up! Shop this ... Read the Post