2015 Discount Tire Commercial

We were definitely surprised when a couple of months ago we were approached from Discount Tire to see if we'd like to be featured in another commercial. Last year we were feature in this commercial and thought it was the coolest thing ever! It's not every day that your face is shown on TV! lol Well, Discount Tire put out a new commercial this year and we appear in it twice! Best of all, we look ... Read the Post

Featured // Discount Tire

I am super excited to be sharing this story with you guys today! Last year, when Wade and I went on our West Coast Road Trip, I tried to document as much as possible so I could put together a video once we got home. If you haven't seen that video, you can see it here. Anyways, not thinking much of it, I posted it online like I do all of my other videos. I randomly got an email from a Discount Tire ... Read the Post

Crossfit Pound // Video When I first was asked to shoot a video for Crossfit Pound, the first thing that went through my mind was "wow, this is something I know nothing about, how am I going to be able to do this". But it was a challenge I was willing to take on! I definitely went out of my comfort zone for this video, but the whole process has been amazing! During the class I was in awe of ... Read the Post

Wedding Video // Mr. & Mrs. O’Shea To say that I was excited to shoot my first wedding is an understatement. Of course I was so unbelievably nervous, but besides that I was just so excited! I am still so grateful that Jordan and Jared let me be a part of their big day! They are such a gorgeous couple and their wedding day was full of excitement, laughs.. and of course a few tears. I am so excited to be ... Read the Post

Happy Weekend + A Video

                                                                     (source) Is it just me, or have the weeks in June been flying by? I just blink and it is Friday again (not complaining). I just hope the entire summer doesn't go by this fast! My weekend plans are fairly low key - just going to do some gardening and go to a baby shower. Wow - that makes me sound like I am 50... Anyways, I hope ... Read the Post

Our Wedding Video

Hi guys, Because I am still new to the blogging scene, and realize that none of you know who I am, I thought I would share my wedding video with you all. You will definitely get a better feel for who I am by watching it. This really was the "best day ever" - and looking back I wouldn't change a thing! After the wedding was over, I met with my videographer to see what we wanted to do with the ... Read the Post