Lovely Baby Shower

This week I was completely spoiled from the lovely ladies at my church who all came out to my baby shower! My thoughtful sister-in-laws planned out a beautiful evening filled with yummy desserts, cute decor and girly details! The night just happen to fall on the hottest day of the summer, so I knew that I needed to wear something light and airy! This Billabong dress from Denim Wearhouse was ... Read the Post

Tie Dye Blue

It may be September officially, but if the weather is still nice I say let's get some use out of our Summer sun dresses! As much as I am SOO excited for some new Fall pieces, I'm trying not to rush it and just to enjoy these last couple weeks of nice weather. I am usually not a tie dye fan, but this dress is so comfy and I love the contrast between the blue and white! So what do you guys think? ... Read the Post