Failure Proof Pumpkin Pie

I'd like to start off by saying that this is the VERY FIRST pie I have EVER made in my entire life. Therefore, the title of this recipe stands true - no matter how bad of a cook you are, you CANNOT mess this pumpkin pie up! I served this pie to my family and they were in disbelief that I made it! There, now that my point in across, let's get to baking! This is a perfect recipe to try this weekend, ... Read the Post

Butter Salted Pumpkin Seeds

It's the week before one of my favorite holidays - Thanksgiving! And to celebrate I will be posting delicious pumpkin recipes all week long! Today I am starting with a delicious snack, butter salted pumpkin seeds! I have always wanted to try baking pumpkin seeds but never got around to it! If you are like me and want to try it, all you have to do is follow the directions below! If you are already ... Read the Post