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Disney Magic

The fact that these were only taken 2 weeks ago is mind blowing. LITERALLY EVERYTHING in the world has changed since this day, including Disney shutting their doors. I am so thankful that we went when we did, and feel for all the families that weren't able to go on their vacations this year. I wanted to post these photos, despite the pandemic, because this blog is a diary of sorts for me, and I do ... Read the Post

Tie Dye Happiness

With everything that is taking place in the world right now, I am trying to find happiness and positivity in the small things to get us through the day. And if this full tie dye sweat suite doesn't bring me happiness, I don't know what will! Tie dye is everywhere right now and I for one am not mad about it. Check out some of these favs if you are looking for something to cheer you up! Shop this ... Read the Post

Vaca Shopping Guide

It's officially March! And March Break is finally here! We are so looking forward to a little getaway - it just seems like life has been crazy lately and we are all overdue for some R&R in the sun (I mean, as much as possible with two toddlers lol). I took a poll on Instagram last week to see if you guys were interested in seeing a few things we bought for the trip. I don't usually buy too ... Read the Post