Here’s To New Beginnings

Well guys, it’s happened. I got a new job! After being away from the business world for almost 4 years (wow, that went by fast), I am excited to announce that I am starting a new job next week. I knew it was time to get back out there, as I truly do love working with people and being involved in my community. But let me tell you, I have been feeling all. the. emotions. this past month as I prepare for this change! I thought I’d write a quick post on here to share a little more about the job, (don’t worry, the blog and BDH Films aren’t going anywhere), and am opening up about the massive amount of MOM GUILT that comes along with this new opportunity! I will keep you guys updated as we go, but as always thanks for following along!

What’s The Job
About a month ago I saw a job posting online for a Lifestyle & Wellness Consultant with Shannex. At that time I barely even knew what that meant or who Shannex even was. After some research and a couple of interviews, I know now that I will be working for Miramichi’s newest retirement community, doing all the things I love (marketing, sales, wellness) and interacting with people in the community every single day. I always said if I went back to work for someone it would have to be a job that allows me to be me, and I’m so excited to get started. I will be working for Parkland on the River, which is an all inclusive retirement complex located in Douglastown. If you are local to Miramichi you have likely seen it in construction as you drive by. With plans for it to open in Spring 2020, it will be busy and exciting year gearing up for the grand opening. So if you have any family members who may be interested in moving to a retirement living community, I’d be happy to share more info with them!

Mom Life
As you can imagine, the first thing that I thought of when thinking about going back to work was the kids. I have been working from home and raising my babies since 2015, so to say that I will miss it is a complete understatement. Mom guilt set in pretty heavy as we started making plans and arrangements for this new job. I am so grateful for the time I had at home with my babies, and I realize how fortunate I was to be able to stay home with them for this long, but man does it ever play a number on your emotions. Will they be okay without me? Are we ready for this change? Can we all handle this new scheduled life? I struggle with so much but also remind myself of all the good things that will come of it! Regardless of anyones situation, I realize that you have to do what feels right for you and your family, and this really does feel right. I know it will be a big adjustment (for everyone in the house), but I also know how strong the kids are and how great they will do with the change!

Blog & BDH
So what does this mean for The New. Mrs Hamilton? I’m still going to be blogging about all the things I love! I definitely will have some different fashion ideas for all you working girls out there – because I don’t think my mom style is going to cut it in the business world LOL. If anything I am more inspired now than ever before, and have some amazing collaborations in the works that I am so excited to share very soon! I am also continuing with BDH Films, and am excited for the couples I get to work with this summer. I am obviously scaling back a bit on the number of weddings I will accept, but BDH Films is a huge passion of mine, and my third baby for many years, so I’m not giving up on it any time soon!

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