Hydration Station For Dry Winter Skin

One of my new year resolutions has been to take better care of my skin. Of course, in the middle of winter I am all about finding products that will make my dry skin looking hydrated and feeling super moisturized. You all know that I have been obsessed with Paula’s Choice for many years, but recently I have stepped out of my skin-care funk and tried some new products, and I am so glad that I did! These are my favourite winter skincare products that I cannot live without. Here is a little bit about why I love each product.

Radiance Renewal Mask:
GAME. CHANGER. Seriously you will be obsessed from the first time you try this. You put this on at night, and leave it on while you sleep. It turns a dull complexion into a refreshed, luminous and hydrated glow. The name speaks for itself, I saw results after only one use! If you are going to try anything from this post, put this one in your shopping cart!

Skin Recovery Hydrating Treatment Mask:
This mask is a go-to for when your skin is suuuuper dry. Like you can visible see the dry skin flaking all about lol. It is a rich cream formula that you also put on at night and sleep with. A must have for winter skin!

Clear Oil-Free Moisturizer:
This is a great everyday moisturizer that won’t clog pores or cause breakouts. This is perfect for me because I still have acne prone skin, breaking out on occasion. This cream is something I put on every morning, and it help keep my skin feeling moisturized, but it’s nice and lightweight which I love.

C25 Super Booster:
Okay everyone knows that vitamin C is super important for your skin and can drastically help with dark spots on your face. I added this to my hydrating lineup because I often add it to my moisturizer to make my complexion look more even. I love this one compared to others because it has 25% concentration of vitamin C – which is amazing especially at this price point!

The UnScrub:
I just received this as a sample at Christmas time and am really loving it. It is a gentle cleansing face scrub, and it makes my skin feel super soft! I love the formula because there are these little beads inside that dissolve into a milky gel texture. I leave it in my shower and use when I need to exfoliate.

Lip & Body Treatment Balm:
If you have been following me for a while you know that I have been using this for many many years. It is such a good (and very long lasting) formula perfect for dry lips. The best part about it is that you can use it basically anywhere; lips, cuticles, heels, elbows. I even use it inside my nose sometimes when its cracked lol. Great product to keep on your bedside table!

If you have any questions about Paula’s Choice products send me a message. I love this brand and would be happy to help you find some new skincare products that you love!


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