Home for the Holidays

HOW IS THERE ONLY 4 MORE DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS??!!? Okay, freak out over, but seriously!! I either need more time or I need to clone myself. But I figured that I would share the rest of these adorable photos with you guys today! There is something about these photos that make me want to just freeze time. The kids, at the sweetest ages, just being themselves and starting new Christmas traditions. I do not regret even for one second having a little mini Christmas photo shoot at home this year. These pictures are exactly how I want to remember this phase of our lives. I won’t go on another rant about time and how fast it goes, but I really do wish that for the next week, time will slow down and we will be able to soak up every little moment of Christmas with them. Thank you guys so much for following along with us, we appreciate you and wish you all a very merry Christmas!

Photos: Amanda Downey
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