Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

I posted on Instagram stories the other day asking if anyone would be interested in a review of the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, and so many of you said yes! So today I am going to share my experience with it, including my original thoughts, how it had improved my morning routine, and also how my hair has changed since using it. I received the hair dryer for Christmas, so after about 4 months of using it I feel like I can now share my honest opinion of it. It’s definitely a game changer, not like any other hair dryer you will ever use, trust me!

So the truth is, when I first started using the hair dryer, I didn’t like it! It made my hair super tangled, I thought it was awkward to hold and I was disappointed that my hair didn’t look amazing after the first couple of uses. But I needed to give it time and figure out exactly what settings and attachments worked best for my hair. Once I figured that out, there was no looking back. It turns out I needed to be using the smoothing attachment in order to received the effortless blowouts that I was looking for. The dryer comes with smoothing, styling and diffuser nozzle, so learning about what each attachment does for your hair is the first step in making it work best. My husband uses the styling nozzle to create his part, I use the smoothing attachment for straight blowouts, and the diffusing for extra texture and to enhance my natural curls.

It was after a few weeks of use that I really started noticing how amazing this blow dryer is. It cuts down my drying time in half, which is huge when your a momma and have basically no time to get ready in the morning. The real results showed up in the texture of my hair though. Typically my hair is frizzy, dry and quite damaged. Now, and I am not even lying, I have the healthiest hair I have ever had. It is smooth, shiny, and feels so soft. It hardly needs any additional styling tools afterwards, so also saving me time and not damaging my hair as bad as I typically would! And this doesn’t only work well for thick hair like mine, as I have talked to girls with finer hair and they also have noticed a big change in their hair.

I pair mine with my favorite Bumble & Bumble products; the BB Hairdresser’s Oil Primer and the BB Repair Blow Dry.  I have been using these products way before I got the hair dryer, and they are my go-to’s! But now, paired with the Dyson, they are even better! Here is a picture of my hair after using the dryer, but honestly it doesn’t even do my hair justice. I have never had smooth and shiny hair in my life, but I am so excited about what this dryer has done for me! I hope you guys give it a try, I cannot say enough good things about it!

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