Planning Birthdays

Fall is a busy time of year for us. Wade’s birthday is in September, mine is in October, Zuri’s is November and soon little bro’s big day will be thrown into the mix as well. I love birthdays, but now that I am a mom, my birthday has taken a backseat and it’s all about the kids. We have decided this year to have Zuri’s birthday party a little early, in hopes of giving her a day all to herself, before the baby arrives. As the date moves a little closer I am starting to feel the pressure to have everything just perfect for her party, and at 38 weeks pregnant, that’s not the type of pressure that I am looking for! So we are going to attempt to keep things simple and have a fun day surrounded by friends and family! Can you guess her party theme this year?? More details on that later!

If you didn’t know, Netflix is now granting parents the ultimate birthday gift with the launch of 14 Birthdays On-Demand. Starring the characters in your kids’ favourite shows like Beat BugsBarbie and Pokemon, your kids will feel like the characters are singing just for them.  This feature is so cute and is great for kids of all ages. Zuri is obsessed with the birthday song, so this has been a huge hit in our house, especially the clip from My Little Pony! To check it out head to!

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