Bumpdate: Almost Half Way!

It’s time for another little update on this pregnancy (aka the fastest pregnancy of all time). I will be 20 weeks on Friday and the fact that we are almost half way there is blowing my mind. If the second half goes as fast as the first I think I am in trouble, because we haven’t even started to get anything ready for this little babe. Read all about how the last month was down below!

HOW MANY WEEKS: 19 weeks! Only one more week until we are officially half way there!

BABY’S SIZE: Baby is the size of a mango! About 6 inches long and weighing in at about 8.5 ounces! Getting big!

HOW I’M FEELING: For the first time ever (including my entire first pregnancy) I can actually say that I am feeling good! Hallelujah!! My nausea and morning sickness passed around 14 weeks and I started to feel like myself again! Don’t get me wrong, I still have lots of pregnancy symptoms, but for the most part I am feeling great and couldn’t be happier about it!

SYMPTOMS: My pregnancy symptoms over the past month or so have been fairly normal. I have been getting headaches, and also a ton of heartburn. I also have been super hot lately, and I am sure that will stick around for the rest of the pregnancy. My belly is WAY (and I mean WAY) bigger then when I was this far along with Zuri. We are definitely in full blown bump mode now. I’ve also felt the baby move a lot sooner this time around. It started off as flutters around 15 weeks, and now I am feeling a ton of movement and kicks! I forgot how amazing that feeling is.

FOOD LOVE: My cravings have been all over the place. I went through a serious BLT faze and when I literally had one everyday for about 2 weeks lol. I still am craving salads but not as bad. Loving pickles and anything tangy like that!

FOOD HATE: There hasn’t been too many things that I have refused to eat. Still don’t love cooking chicken but have been eating meat again so thats good.

CURRENTLY LIVING IN: So I finally busted out the ol’ maternity clothes box that I had been hiding in the basement. I literally waited until the very last possible minute to bring them out. I know a lot of mommas love wearing their maternity clothes because they are more comfortable, but I really do not like them. Especially the jeans with the belly band. For some reason I just won’t like anything tight up on my belly, so I am constantly rolling them down. Luckily it is finally warm enough to start wearing dresses, so I plan on living in them for the rest of the summer.

PRODUCTS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: I am still using Bio Oil and all of my creams before bed. I also picked up two new bras from Victoria Secret, and haven’t worn any other ones since.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Being half way there and finding out the gender THIS WEEK! YAY!!

bikini top: Old Navy | bikini bottom: Old Navy

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