Zuri Goes To Florida


Last week we took Zuri on her very first flight down to Florida to visit my parents! I think every mom can relate to me when I say it was pretty nerve-wracking taking a 5 month old on an airplane – you just have no idea how they are going to make out. Luckily she did great and didn’t have any problems! We had an amazing time all week as she experienced so many new things for the first time. The weather alone was a new experience for her – we kept making a joke that we now know what her legs look like, because she’s had pants on everyday since she was born! It was so nice to put her in little bloomers and dresses and not have to worry about bundling her up! She went swimming in the pool for the first time and really loved it! The water would play her right out and she’d have the best naps afterwards! She also started saying her first word “dada”, you can see a clip of that on my Instagram! Overall we had such an amazing time, and I’m happy to share some photos of our trip with you all today! Thanks for stopping by!

florida21florida18florida14 florida15 florida13 florida22 florida8 florida16 florida5 florida11 florida9 florida12 florida1 florida10 florida4 florida3 florida17

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