DIY Christmas Ladder


Now that everyone is starting to get into the holiday spirit, today I am showing you guys a super easy Christmas DIY! I am always looking for ways to switch up my front door décor when the seasons change, and this setup is perfect for the holidays! This decorative ladder will be a great addition to your rustic Christmas décor, and can be used inside or out. Just follow the simple steps below to recreate this look!

What You Will Need:
1. Old wooden ladder (check yard sales)
2. White paint
3. Paint brush
4. Sand paper
5. Hammer & nails
6. Christmas décor items (I used a wreath, burlap bow, plaid blanket, berry bunches & an owl tree ornament)


Depending on how old your ladder is, you may be able to skip the first couple of steps. The ladder I used was super old and needed a little work. I first sawed off about 2 feet so that it was 8 feet in total. I then painted the ladder using white paint; I just used the indoor paint that I already had in my basement. After the paint dried overnight, I wanted to rough it up a bit so that it appeared more rustic, so I took sand paper and wore off the paint in some areas. You can do this even more if your ladder is new and you want it to appear used.

ladder8 ladder7 ladder6

Now comes the fun part of decorating it! I started by tying a piece of burlap around the side of my wreath and hammered a small nail in the top rung of the ladder to hang it. About half way down the ladder, I draped my plaid blanket and placed the berry bunches on top of it. To finish it off, I set the small owl ornament on one of the ladder rungs between the wreath and blanket.

ladder3ladder1 ladder5

I have my ladder displayed outside on my front step, but this easily could be brought inside and placed beside your Christmas tree! Be creative with it and make sure to tag me online if you try this project at home! Make sure to check back soon for more great holiday décor ideas!

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