January Beauty Picks

I have an addiction and I’d like to confess…
Lately I have been completely addicted to watching beauty videos on YouTube – I really can’t get enough of them. And since I am just finding these now (extremely late on the beauty tutorial bandwagon), it means that there are so many videos that I haven’t seen yet. I love finding out what the beauty gurus are using, and then trying them out for myself. I have decided to put together some of my beauty picks for the month. I realize that these products aren’t exactly new to the market, but since I am trying most of them for the first time, I am going to let you know that I like (and dislike) about them!

January Beauty Picks

1. Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation
The reason I started trying new foundations is because the foundation I have been using (MAC Studio Fix Fluid) was turning my pale winter face too-dark and a little orange – which is never good. I will still use my MAC foundation in the summer months when I have a tan, because I really like the full coverage that it gives. But for right now, I am using a Laura Mercier foundation and loving it! It is such a nice texture and gives full coverage but doesn’t smother your skin. I am finding that it lasts throughout the day, but also turns a little shiny as the day goes on. If you have oily skin like me, maybe opt for a foundation that will stay matte a little longer.

2. BEAUTYBLENDER Pro Beauty Blender
Okay, so for those of you who use Beauty Blenders, you are probably laughing at the fact that I am only trying these now. What a difference it makes while putting on my foundation! I used to apply my makeup with a square sponge; but the shape of this, along with the fact that you wet it before application, really spreads my foundation so much better. It is a little pricey for a makeup sponge, but you can wash and re-use it many times. I’m not sure how long they will last, because I am still on my first one. I highly recommend this product if you want a flawless looking face (and who doesn’t?).

3. Vaseline Aloe Fresh
Ahhh, my Vaseline Aloe Fresh. I started using this line a couple of years ago and I am still using them now. I usually love any products with Aloe in them, because it really helps to hydrate my skin in the winter. I also love bringing these products on trips down south because it will help SO much with sunburns! I like to avoid Aloe gels that have alcohol in them (not good for your skin), and this one never stings when I apply it to a sunburn, even on my face. The only downfall to these products is that they don’t have an overly feminine smell, it’s more of a fresh scent.

4. Victoria’s Secret Love Spell Daily Body Wash
This body wash reminds me of high school! I used to use this when Lasenza carried this beauty line, and I absolutely love the smell of it! I have recently picked up a bottle at Victoria’s Secret and it just reminded me of how much I used to love it. It doesn’t dry my skin out, which some body washes do, and I also find that it helps with the small bumps on my upper arms. I love it and am excited to be using it again!

5. MAKE UP FOR EVER Concealers
While shopping at Sephora recently, I asked what cream concealers I should try, and the girl led me to MAKE UP FOR EVER. I have never tried any of the products from this company, so I got a sample of the Full Coverage Concealer and the HD Invisible Cover Concealer. I really like both, but the main difference was the texture. The Full Coverage was a lot creamier and really easy to apply, while the HD Invisible Coverage was a little thicker and dryer. I haven’t gone back to buy either, and I don’t think I will. As much as I like them, I’d like to try some concealers from other brands until I really fall in love with one.

6. Benefit’s POREfessional
Okay, so if you watch any YouTube Beauty Bloggers you have probably heard tell of this product. It is a balm that minimizes the appearance of pores on your face. I don’t find that my pores are overly visible, but I am always looking for some type of primer that I can wear under my foundation. It makes your skin so incredibly soft, and it helps your makeup go on so smoothly. The only thing I didn’t like about it is that it is quite drying, and even though I have oily skin, I think I will wait to use it during the summer months when the air isn’t as dry.

So these are my beauty picks for the month! Let me know if you have any of these products, and if you like them! Also, if you used to use any of these, but now are using something better, leave a comment so I can try some new things too! Thanks for stopping by!

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