Inspired By // The Golden Globes

jennifer photo bomb

Award season is back in full swing and I couldn’t be any happier! There is nothing I enjoy more then sitting back and taking in all of the glamorous fashions of the new year. Last night’s Golden Globes showed lots of beautiful dresses and jewellery that we as regular folk can only imagine wearing in our dreams. But, that doesn’t mean that the celebrities can’t be an inspiration for our every day outfits. I picked out a few of my favorite looks from last night, and am showing you ways to incorporate the trends into your wardrobe! What was your favorite trend from the show? Make sure to let me know in the comments!

** And let’s not forget the amazing photobomb by Jennifer Lawrence lol

Sofia's Aqua Necklace1. Forever 21 | 2. Top Shop | 3. Etsy | 4. Aldo Accessories

Kaley's Floral Print
1. American Eagle | 2. Gap | 3. H&M | 4. Forever 21 | 5.  ASOS

Zooey's Studs
1. Michael Kors | 2. H&M | 3. Tory Burch | 4. Sam Edelman | 5. Forever 21