It’s that time of year again – and no I am not talking about ‘the most wonderful time of the year’. It’s that time when your days are cut short and it is already pitch dark when you leave work at night (sigh). Isn’t it depressing? Any spare time that I do have (which is slim to none), I just want to lounge around, stay warm and relax. I have been struggling with blog posts lately, I just have been so busy! But – I am feeling optimistic as we enter into a new month this weekend. Anyone one else feel more positive as a new month starts? It’s like a fresh clean slate! So much to do in December, but I am excited to share some Holiday posts, and even a couple of give-a-ways to keep us in the Christmas spirit! So watch out December – I’m comin’ for ya!

IMG_7196 IMG_7194 IMG_7223IMG_7202shirt: Gap | tee: Gap | leggings: H&M | laptop case: Marc by Marc Jacobs 

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