Prints For Less


The best way to add a new trend to your wardrobe is to find a super affordable version first! These printed pants were only $15 bucks at H&M! Sure, they aren’t the worlds most comfortable trouser with the softest material, but for that price they are actually decent! Plus, if I get a lot of use out of them, I won’t mind going out and paying a little extra for printed pants that will actually last. I love the black and white design, and am hoping to style them a couple of different ways this season! If you are looking for a great alternative to either jeans or dress pants, give these printed trousers a try! What do you have to loose?

printsforless1 printsforless3 printsforless2 printsforless4pants: H&M | shirt: Forever 21 (similar here) | necklace: H&M | boots: Little Burgandy (similar here)