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#TBT // Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! Just wanted to quickly post this picture of Wade and I at a Halloween party a few years ago when we went as Sunny and Cher. Wade actually looks like Sunny in this picture, that moustache was crazy! We are laying low for Halloween this year. Just dressing Texas up and passing out candy! Hope everyone has a great night! Thanks for stopping by!   ... Read the Post

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Okay, so you know how every girl has their 'thing'. A million shoes in the closet, a purse for every outfit... well, my guilty pleasure is coats! It is probably the only thing I actually like about the cold weather! I just love that there are so many different styles to choose from! So, since the cold weather is hitting us as we head into November, I thought I would show you guys my favorite coat ... Read the Post

B&W Polka Dots

A black and white color combo is always going to be timeless, but in my opinion it always needs to be paired with a print or unique details, just to avoid looking mundane. I'm usually not attracted to polka dots, but I love it on this peplum shirt! And as you can see with my blazer off, it has two black side panels to create the illusion of a small waist (gotta love that!). I paired it with my ... Read the Post

New & Exciting

Life has been so crazy and hectic lately and I want to share a couple of exciting changes going on! First of all: The New Mrs. Hamilton & BDH Films is now on Facebook! So excited that I finally have a Facebook page where I can share my inspiration, favorite posts and of course my videography! I have been getting a lot of interest in my work lately, and it is so surreal! I am so excited to see ... Read the Post

Introducing // Dream Design Studio

I am so excited to be introducing one amazing designer to you guys today - Andrea Breau from Dream Design Studio! I have been using Andrea for all of my design needs over the past year or so, for both work and personal related projects. With her, if you can dream it, she can create it (not her official motto, but she should probably consider it lol). She is professional, creative and an absolute ... Read the Post