Gone Camping

Campfire Love Shoot
The wonderful world of camping. I have to say I definitely do not have a lot of experience spending weekends in a tent (who am I kidding, I have next to no experience), but I knew that when I married Wade that was going to change. The last time we went tenting was two years ago, and let’s just say that it didn’t go as smoothly as we had hoped. Wade pretty near chopped his finger off with an axe and we spent the entire morning at the out patience (sorry Wade, the whole world knows now). This weekend, however, we are giving it another go! I don’t know if it was our campfire photo shoot that put me in the mood, but I am actually excited to be going camping for the long weekend!

That being said, I am calling on all you happy campers out there! Looking for tips, tricks and packing advice from the pros. As I was browsing for help on my own I stumbled across a couple of camping links. Let me know if I am on the right track, and stay tuned to see how we make out on the weekend. Hopefully we can avoid the hospital and the sun will shine all weekend long! Make sure to leave your comments! Thanks for reading!

gone camping

Gone Camping Links:
1. A Romantic Campfire Love Shoot with Allison Taylor Photography
2. Happy Campin’ Fridge Magnet from Etsy (only $5!)
3. H&M Khaki Parka which I am also loving for Fall
4. Indiana Jones Inspired Hat that my husband actually bought me for Christmas (lol)
5. Laceback Button-down Shirt with the right amount of girly details
6. Delicious S’mores Ideas that you will want to try – camping or not!
7. Fringe Booties from Aldo, very western inspired!
8. Classic Sleeping Bag from LL Bean that will last you a lifetime
9. Camping for Dummies will be my reading material for the drive to the campsite
10. Denim Shirt from the Gap that will go with everything