Looking for the Neon

looking for the neonI purchased a new Trina Turk iPhone Case over the weekend, and fell in love with the color combo. I never thought anything of it, until I went to pick out an outfit this morning and ended up completely matching my cell! The colors must have stuck in my mind and I was instantly drawn to them. I have had this blazer for a while, but I have a really hard time finding things to wear with it. Probably because it is SO bright – but bright is good every once and a while.neonLet’s focus on this dress. Hands down – this is the comfiest dress I have ever worn in my life (no I am not exaggerating)! The knit material is so soft, I swear it felt like I was wearing my pj’s at work! I need to start investing in more pieces that I feel this good in. I am the worst for buying things that are cute but not comfortable; I say that I will wear it anyways, but then it just hangs in my closet. Plus – the bright yellow actually brightened my mood… I guess that old wives tale is actually true! So keep that in mind the next time you go shopping – bright colors can actually make you happy!
              dress: Kenzie | shoes: Spring (old) | blazer: Forever 21 (similar) | watch: Guess