Fringed Wool Cardigan

It is no secret that I love the store Anthropologie, so when my husband picked out this sweater for a Christmas gift I was ecstatic! It is such a cute and comfy wool sweater, I can't stop wearing it! I love the fringe details on it and it makes for a perfect casual weekend outfit paired with faded jeans. I hope you guys enjoy this casual look! Thanks for stopping by! cardigan: Anthropologie ... Read the Post

Biker Wool

This outfit is all about keeping it casual with blues and greys! I love this jacket from the Gap! It's going to be able to transition into Spring really well! These pictures make me miss my boy Texas - I can't wait to see him again when we get home from vacation! I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! jacket: Gap | scarf: RW&CO | jeans: Mavi | boots: old, but loving these | earrings: ... Read the Post

Snow Day Ready

I was just about to name this post 'Snow Day', but then I realized that it isn't snowing in these pictures and it isn't snowing outside my window. However, I am definitely prepared for the next storm with this outfit. I don't know if you recognize this coat from my Baby It's Cold Outside post, but when I saw it at the beginning of the season, I picked it as one of my favorites! When I went back to ... Read the Post

Leather Sleeves

The 'leather sleeve' coat trend has been fairly popular lately, but it took me a while to find one that I wanted to buy. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on one, because I fear that this style may be too 'trendy' and might not still be in next winter. I was able to find this one at Forever 21 - so you know I got a good deal. I couldn't find it online to show you guys, so take a look at some ... Read the Post

Winter Stroll

I'd like to start off by talking about this chambray shirt... I apologize that it has been on repeat lately, but that just goes to show how overly versatile this item is, and that you need to have one in your wardrobe. So if you do not own a jean shirt, please go buy one - I guarantee it will be the most worn item hanging in our closet. Okay, now that I got that off my chest, lets talk about this ... Read the Post

Winter Wedding Inspiration

(photo source) There is something so romantic about getting married in the winter! I love the idea of bundling up next to your partner and adding the coziest details throughout your day. Shades of cream and beige would be my go-to color pallet, because the snow is already so white, these shades will soften things up a bit. I also like the idea of adding a really antique ice blue as an accent ... Read the Post