Rib-Knit Dress

Let me just start by saying before I tried this dress on I was completely scared of the 'rib-knit' trend. I just assumed that this style would leave nothing to the imagination and would hug every curve. But I was pleasantly surprised! It's a loose fit so I ended up really liking the style! Not to mention is super comfortable because essentially it just feels like you are wrapped up in a big cozy ... Read the Post

Holiday Sweater Dress

With all of the parties going on over the holidays, sometimes it is hard to come up with an outfit that we can be comfortable in. Because let's be honest, almost every holiday party comes with a mountain of delicious food and you always end up eating way to much. No one likes to feel uncomfortable, so I think I may have found a good solution - a sweater dress! They are super comfortable and so ... Read the Post