Day At The Farm

One of Zuri's favorite things to do is when we drive over the the farm and feed the animals. At the beginning of the summer she was quite timid of them (but to be fair they do stick their heads out of the fence and can be a little intimidating lol), but as time went on she will now feed them right out of her hand! I love doing small family activities like this. Soon the new baby will be here and ... Read the Post

Blanket Scarf

Fall is officially here which means blanket scarf season is finally back! This trend isn't going anywhere this year and I am perfectly okay with that! If you are only going to buy one item this Fall, make it a oversized cozy scarf that has a few different colors in it. Hand down it will be your most versatile piece that goes with so many outfits already in your closet! Look for scarves that have a ... Read the Post

Fall’s Must Have Accessories

Being pregnant this Fall, and only have a little over a month before the baby arrives, I am holding off on buying any more clothes until I can fit in non-maternity styles. That being said, I don't want to miss out on my favorite shopping season all together. Therefor, it's all about the accessories for me this year; in shades of wine, blue, black and beige. I plan on sprucing up my outfits with ... Read the Post

Ugh, As If

What is the first thing you think of when you read my new winter hat? ... Thought so. Clueless is definitely one of the most famous chick flicks of all time, so I thought I would do an ode to the film with some of my favorite Clueless quotes. It is #TBT after all! Oh, and to shop for this, and other fun Aldo hats, click here! *Photos by Allison Taylor Photography ... Read the Post

Seeing Red

At the time these pictures were taken, this was the only bit of color left in my front yard. It's sad to think that all the leaves have fallen and we are into November! But, just because the Fall colors have left us, it doesn't mean that you have to switch to your 'all black everything' winter wardrobe. We are all guilty of it, but just remember that a little bit of color goes a long way in the ... Read the Post

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Okay, so you know how every girl has their 'thing'. A million shoes in the closet, a purse for every outfit... well, my guilty pleasure is coats! It is probably the only thing I actually like about the cold weather! I just love that there are so many different styles to choose from! So, since the cold weather is hitting us as we head into November, I thought I would show you guys my favorite coat ... Read the Post