My Everyday Beauty Essentials

Everyone has their top beauty products that they simply cannot live without. It can change over time, but recently I have been using these products every day. If I am dressing up to go somewhere or if I am just staying in with the babe, these products are getting used daily. Personally, I love … [Read more...]

Tips for Big Hair with Volume

A couple of weeks ago I was in my best friend's wedding (yay) and had to decide how I wanted to wear my hair. I went back and forth about leaving it down, because my biggest fear is that it will fall flat by the end of the night. I explained my concerns to my hairdresser and told him that I wanted … [Read more...]

Santa’s Workshop AKA Sephora

I don't know about you guys, but I would be 100% satisfied if all Santa brought me this year was a Sephora gift card! My wish list is forever growing at that store! They have so many great gift ideas for all of the beauty lovers on your list, plus a lot of the brands have bundled products together … [Read more...]