West Turns One (+VIDEO)

I can’t believe I am even writing this, but somehow MY BABY TURNS ONE TODAY!!! I’m not crying, you’re crying. All cliches aside, this really was the fastest twelve months of my entire life. I thought Zuri’s first year went fast, but this definitely takes the cake. West has grown into the cutest little man ever imaginable. He’s a jokester, loves to laugh and ‘be bad’ to see our reaction. He is obsessed with his sister, whatever she is playing with he wants, and whatever room she is in that’s where he will be. Their relationship is my absolute favourite thing to see. He loves to eat, FINALLY sleeps all night (and yes I was a walking zombie for eleven whole months… but that’s a different story), and he just started taking his first steps – yay! Life is hectic with a toddler and busy one year old, but we couldn’t ask for anything more. West, thanks for changing our lives, you are so loved! If you haven’t seen his first year video yet, you can watch it below! Happy Birthday, Mr. West Woods!

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