PEI Beach Day

We were so excited to take the kids to the beach in PEI when we were there for vacation. But as you know, life with kids is pretty unpredictable. By the time they both woke up from their naps, packed up the van, get the snacks ready, changed into swim suits and got our sunscreen on, it literally was almost 4:00 in the afternoon LOL. Everyone was packing up to go home and we were just getting there! The funniest part was once we got there we realized that it wasn’t pet friendly, so Wade had to take Texas back to the cottage, meanwhile I had both kids and all our stuff. I thought I could make it down to the sand myself but it turns out we couldn’t make it. So here I am, two kids, 3 towels and a big ol’ bag just chilling at the top of the stairs waiting for Wade to come back. As you can see from the picture below, Zuri didn’t even care, she had some snacks and was good just chilling on that bench. Anyways, we finally made it down, set up a little tent for the kids to play in and eat their treats. Beach days certainly look a lot different than before, but it was all about making memories! Zuri and West had a ball!

swim suit: Forever 21 (similar) | skirt: American Eagle (similar) | sandals: Gap
Zuri & West’s swimmers are both from Walmart!