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If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember me mentioning a few weeks ago that a brand new maternity & nursing boutique has recently opened up in New Brunswick! I am so excited because this is exactly what us NB mommas are missing – a place we can find great products to use throughout pregnancy, nursing and beyond! It’s called Mama Bean’s Boutique and the owner Jacqueline is a sweet momma herself from Saint John!  It’s an online store (with occasional pop-up shops) that carries a great variety of products to make pregnancy and nursing a little easier & a little more stylish. Because let’s face it, if you have ever been pregnant you know how hard it is to find great quality pieces in the area. But before I get into what I got (and how to style it), let me fill you guys in on their amazing customer service, ordering and shipping process!

When I went to place my order on their website, I knew I was looking for something to carry me into the Fall. Being in my third trimester, I’m usually quite warm – so I am actually looking forward to the cooler temps! I was looking for a couple of great layering pieces that would be versatile in my wardrobe. I was drawn to these black seamless leggings because I had a feeling they would be extra comfortable without that annoying hemline around the belly area! I also was interested in this basic white long sleeve tee, because I didn’t currently have one in my closet – and how can you go wrong with a new white tee! When it comes to sizing, it can sometimes be a little tricky knowing what size to get online, especially with brands that you haven’t worn before (and a body you aren’t used to dressing). This is where Jacqueline’s amazing customer service came into play. Not only did she explain to me how the different brand’s sizing usually ran, she went out of her way to try them on for me and show me via video how they fit! It was so helpful to me, and I know many of her customers appreciate her going the extra mile!

So I placed my order without any complications, and no joke three days later this pretty little package showed up at my door! There is nothing better then when an online order comes in nice and fast. I am a sucker for packaging too, and all of the extra details made it so fun to open my mail! I love all of her branding pieces and the hand written thank you card was such a nice touch! This kind of attention to detail wasn’t at all necessary, but it makes the whole experience so much more enjoyable!

Now let’s get to the fashion! You might be thinking that I chose the most basic pieces on the site (believe me there are some gorgeous clothing to choose from), but I wanted to show you just how versatile these items are. I styled my items three different ways to give you an idea of the types of outfits you could create, but to be honest, with great quality pieces like these, the options are endless! The first look is a little on the sporty side, as I paired them with my ripped denim jacket and kicks. The second look is still very casual, but a little more polished as I added a long vest, printed flats and a cute bag. And for the third look I decided to dress things up a little and throw on a tunic overtop with a comfy pair of heels! During pregnancy it is so common to find yourself in a style rut. Your body is constantly changing and you just want to be comfortable 100% of the time (am I right mommas?) – so versatility will be your best friend when picking out pieces for your new wardrobe.

I hope you guys enjoyed these different outfit ideas! Make sure to check out Mama Bean’s Boutique and follow them on Facebook & Instagram to stay up to date on new arrivals and upcoming sales! Also, if you are going to be in the Moncton area next Thursday, September 28th, they are having their first pop-up shop! This is a great opportunity to come and see the items in person to get a feel for the different styles! Thank you Mama Bean’s for sponsoring this post and I hope you mommas love this new company as much as I do! Thanks for stopping by!

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