A Bloomin’ Good Year


I can’t believe that I am sitting down to write this post… my baby’s first year. And now i’m going to write the most cliche thing a new mom can say – where did the time go??? I still remember the day she was born, when they laid her on me for the first time in the delivery room, and her bright eyes looking all around. Little did I know that I was about to experience every possible emotion a woman could feel during a 12 month timeframe. She brings so much joy to our family, and even during some of the most challenging moments she is the light that brings us through it. I am obsessed with her little personally; wrinkling her nose when she knows she’s being funny, when her legs swing in her highchair because supper tastes extra good, and when I say “where do you think your going, missy” and she looks back and laughs. So many wonderful memories, big and small, that will stay with me forever. I couldn’t help myself but to put some of these moments into a little video. I hope you all enjoy looking back – it really has been a bloomin’ good year. Happy Birthday Zuri Bloom – we love you!

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