32 Week Bumpdate!


Saying that I am 32 weeks pregnant is like saying the sky is green – like what??? Is this real life? I cannot believe that we are only a few months away from meeting our little girl! The summer has flown by and to be honest this is the first time in my life that I am not sad that summer is over. I am ready for the cooler temps and to finish getting everything ready to bring this baby into the world! So far the third trimester is treating me well, but here is a little bumpdate for week 32! Thanks for stopping by! (ps how cute is my first baby Texas – d’aww)

How far along: 32 weeks!

Baby’s gender: It’s a girl! (I have my doctor confirm at every appointment.. “she’s still a girl, right?” lol)

Baby’s size: She’s the size of a squash! 15.2-16.7 inches long and 2-3 pounds! And let me tell you I feel like she is getting a little cramped in there.. or at least she’s digging into my ribs and she tries to stretch out all of the time!

I’m feeling: Optimistic! Now that we are at the end of the pregnancy it’s like waiting for Christmas! Although I still have symptoms, I am just so excited to meet her!! I also feel her stretching, kicking and flipping around in my belly every day – it’s amazing!

Symptoms: Heart burn…. Every. Single. Day. (ugh) Also, My ribs get sore, I am still breaking out, and have back pain off and on!

Food love: Cereal and milk – I probably have about 3 bowls a day! Also still loving fruit, yogurt and granola! It’s just nice to have an appetite after not having one for so long!

Food hate: I still don’t love meat, but it’s more cooking it than eating it. Like I won’t make it for myself but wouldn’t mind ordering it in a restaurant!

Currently living in: Maternity leggings, dresses and tank tops! Trying to last until the end without buying anymore pants – although I only have 2 pairs that fit me!

Looking forward to: Finishing the nursery! We have all of the big items but I need to finish decorating! I also am looking forward to my baby shower tomorrow! 🙂

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