18 Week Bumpdate!


I can’t believe that an entire month has gone by since by last bumpdate – and I feel like I am probably going to start off each one saying the same thing! The time of this pregnancy is just cruising by, and in just a few short weeks I will reach the halfway point (can I get an AMEN?). I definitely thought that by this point my belly would be a lot bigger (keep in mind that these pics were taking at the end the day when my belly is at it’s largest lol), and I thought that I  wouldn’t still be nauseous, but those are things that I really have no control over! I am feeling a little bit better, and my appetite is slowly starting to come back, but not to the point of craving delicious foods and making my husband run to the store for treats. One thing that I have been enjoying is fries and gravy, so I usually save up and treat myself on the weekend with that! Other that that, there are a few new symptoms that have cropped up over the last month, so make sure to check out my bumpdate below! Also – less than TWO WEEKS until we know the gender… I can’t contain my excitement for this!

18bump2 18bump3How far along: 18 weeks! Almost halfway there!

Baby’s size: Size of a Sweet Potato! 5.6 inches and 6.7 ounces.

I’m feeling: More or less the same! I have a little more energy, still haven’t shook the sickness. BUT – I did feel baby ‘flutter’ for the first time this weekend! 🙂

Symptoms: Heartburn, waves of nausea, starting to get a little back pain.

Food love: Biggest food craving has definitely been fries & gravy! But also all fresh fruit, lemon/lime flavored everything, oatmeal and Greek yogurt with granola.

Food hate: Still against all meats at this point, but especially chicken breast!

Currently living in: Still loving these pregnancy tank tops  from Target. I also love my white maternity jeans from Gap, they just have the side panels so I have been wearing them already! I did wear my other maternity jeans once this week, but I don’t love the full belly bands yet, as my belly isn’t big enough to fill it in!

Looking forward to: Feeling more movements from baby, having my belly ‘pop’ and of course, the gender reveal!

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