Featured // Discount Tire


I am super excited to be sharing this story with you guys today! Last year, when Wade and I went on our West Coast Road Trip, I tried to document as much as possible so I could put together a video once we got home. If you haven’t seen that video, you can see it here. Anyways, not thinking much of it, I posted it online like I do all of my other videos. I randomly got an email from a Discount Tire rep who told me that he saw the video and that he would like to use a clip of us in their upcoming commercial. Naturally, I thought it was spam, until I gave this guy a call! Turns out that we were actually going to receive our 5 seconds of fame! The commercial is now airing on TV, but you can also watch them below! The clip of us is actually hilarious because my mouth is wide open and screaming and Wade is wearing my hat! Just so random, but it is so cool that we could be a part of it! You never know what can happen when you put yourself out there! Have a nice weekend, everyone!