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Winter Stroll

I'd like to start off by talking about this chambray shirt... I apologize that it has been on repeat lately, but that just goes to show how overly versatile this item is, and that you need to have one in your wardrobe. So if you do not own a jean shirt, please go buy one - I guarantee it will be the most worn item hanging in our closet. Okay, now that I got that off my chest, lets talk about this ... Read the Post

January Beauty Picks

I have an addiction and I'd like to confess... Lately I have been completely addicted to watching beauty videos on YouTube - I really can't get enough of them. And since I am just finding these now (extremely late on the beauty tutorial bandwagon), it means that there are so many videos that I haven't seen yet. I love finding out what the beauty gurus are using, and then trying them out for ... Read the Post

Quick & Easy Smoothie Recipe

Sometimes if I am looking for a quick snack, I grab a banana, put some peanut butter on it and pour myself a glass of orange juice. I realize this snack is usually for a 5 year old, but I love all of the flavors! And that is where I got the idea for this quick and super easy smoothie recipe. I know the "green" smoothie trend is big right now, but sometimes I'm not looking for a huge meal ... Read the Post

Surprise! Florida Photo Diary

I know I have been MIA for that past little while - but I have a good excuse, I promise! Last week I did something that I have always wanted to do... gave my parents the surprise of a lifetime by showing up in Florida without them knowing! They have been asking us for months if we were going to join them for a little vacation, and we just kept lying to them (sorry Mom). But it was all worth it in ... Read the Post

Inspired By // The Golden Globes

Award season is back in full swing and I couldn't be any happier! There is nothing I enjoy more then sitting back and taking in all of the glamorous fashions of the new year. Last night's Golden Globes showed lots of beautiful dresses and jewellery that we as regular folk can only imagine wearing in our dreams. But, that doesn't mean that the celebrities can't be an inspiration for our every day ... Read the Post

Winter Wedding Inspiration

(photo source) There is something so romantic about getting married in the winter! I love the idea of bundling up next to your partner and adding the coziest details throughout your day. Shades of cream and beige would be my go-to color pallet, because the snow is already so white, these shades will soften things up a bit. I also like the idea of adding a really antique ice blue as an accent ... Read the Post