Wood Chip Tree Ornaments


When we were planning our wedding, deciding on a unique ‘guest book’ was a detail that took a while to figure out. I knew I wanted something earthy that went with our woodsy theme, but we just couldn’t come up with anything. Finally, one evening during wedding week, Wade just said for fun “lets just get a bunch of wood chips and get them to sign them!” At that point, I was just happy that we had thought of something! So we went with the idea not knowing what we would do with all of the signed wood chips after the wedding was over.

I can now say that this was one of the best ideas from the whole wedding! For our first Christmas last year, we tuned all of the wood chips into tree ornaments! And now every year during the Holidays, we get to haul out our ‘wedding guest book’ and re-read all of the sweet (and funny) messages that our friends and family wrote to us!  We use these ornaments on our ‘rustic Christmas tree’ and it goes perfectly with our other outdoorsy décor!

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For all of the engaged couples out there trying to think of a wedding guest book idea, just try to imagine something that you will be able to use in the future! A classic guest book isn’t a terrible idea, especially if you can use it on your coffee table or display it in your home. But don’t be scared to be creative and have fun with it! If you had a creative guest book idea at your wedding, leave a comment on this post telling us what it was or what you are planning on doing for you upcoming wedding!