The Golden Gate Experience

the golden gate experienceWhen we were planning our West coast road trip in the Spring, we knew that San Francisco had to be a definite must see. We heard so many good things about the area, as everyone who visits San Fran has only good things to say about it. We weren’t sure what we were actually going to do while in San Francisco, but we knew it was going to be beautiful! Now that it is all said and done, we really wish we would have allowed for more time in the city – because 2 nights was not enough time to see it all!

Here are some pictures of the day we visited the infamous Golden Gate Bridge. It was definitely the most touristy thing to do – but we needed to experience it from all angles! We started off underneath the bridge, then made our way across to a tourist friendly pit stop for some great photo ops, then we traveled up a cliff to get a birds eye view! It was an awesome way to experience the Golden Gate Bridge. Enjoy!

goldengate7 goldengate1 goldengate4 goldengate5 goldengate6 goldengate2 goldengate3