Campfire Love Shoot // Allison Taylor Photography

Campfire Love Shoot

I am so excited to finally share this photo shoot with you guys today! These photos were taken by Allison Taylor, an amazing photographer based out of Miramichi. This was my first time working with her, and let me just say that she is fantastic! She makes photo shoots fun and not awkward at all! We wanted to do something unique, and she mentioned that she has always wanted to do a romantic camp shoot! I instantly loved the theme and the ideas started pouring in! A DIY tent, woodsy scene, bonfire and marshmallows! What more could you ask for? I styled our back yard to fit the vision, and the pictures couldn’t have turned out any better!  I hope you get inspired, because this would make an adorable engagement session or an anniversary shoot of your own! Make sure to visit Allison’s Facebook Page to see more great photos and to get in touch with the photographer!

Campfire Love Shoot
Campfire Love Shoot  Campfire Love Shoot
Campfire Love Shoot Campfire Love Shoot
Campfire Love Shoot
Campfire Love Shoot
Campfire Love Shoot
Campfire Love Shoot
Campfire Love Shoot Campfire Love Shoot
Romantic Camp Shoot

After the shoot I was able to sit down with Allison and ask her a few questions. Reading this interview will give you a better idea of what she is all about! To see more of her gorgeous work, make sure to check out her Facebook page! She is currently offering a Fall photo shoot special, so head over there and check it out!

1. What do you love about being a photographer?
“I love a lot of things about being a photographer, but I think the main thing that I love is being able to bring out beauty in others that they have never seen before. I love hearing from others “Wow, I never knew I could look like that”, and having them see the beauty in themselves that others have seen all along. It’s a good feeling.”

2. Was there a place/time when you realized you wanted to be a photographer?
“I think the time that I realized I wanted to be a photographer was while I was in college, at Bethany (now Kingswood University). A friend was talking about her idea of photography and what drove her to get there. She said she wanted to inspire beauty, and that she wanted to make women see the beauty in them that God has given to them and to help them restore their view of themselves. I had never thought of photography in that light and it really inspired me. I knew then that I wanted to be part of that view and that movement.”

3. What are your favorite types of photos to take?
“My favourite photos are portraits, for sure. I find that people are less intimidated when its just a one-on-one session, and it also gives me more time to let them feel at ease and be themselves.”

4. How do you stay inspired?
“I think most photographers would answer this question by saying ‘I look at the work of others, and get inspired’ but for me, that doesn’t help at all. I get into the game of comparison and start doubting myself and the gift that God has given to me. I have learned that the best inspiration for me is to simply look at where I’ve come from, work that I might have though was really good about two years ago, and see how I’ve improved. If I start getting discouraged (while editing or prepping), I simply take a break. I go for a walk, call up a friend, read a book… whatever gets your mind off your work. And then, with a fresh mind and outlook, come back to what I was doing. Taking a break is good, and it’s okay.”

5. What is the hardest part about being a photographer?
“I think the hardest part, for me, is having to be completely open and out there, all the time. I’ll be honest – doing photo shoots, meeting new people, putting my business out there and work out there for all to see – all of that scares me.. a lot! But I also know, in the difficulty, that I have a calling and that God continually gives me grace and strength to do the things that terrify me, and make me feel vulnerable. I would never be where I am if it wasn’t for Him.”

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