1 Dress 2 Ways


Before I started my day job, my wardrobe was very typical of a student: mostly casual with a few nice pieces. But once I graduated, my closet (and I) had to grow up a little bit. I needed to start shopping for work appropriate outfits and mature pieces. The only problem is, my eyes were still drawn towards young, and trendy styles. So I have learned to shop with the “1 for 2” mentality in mind. If I am picking up a blouse I now ask myself, “is it professional for work? and can I wear it again on the weekend?” Now, my closet is very versatile and a little more grown up.

This post is to show you how one piece can be worn two different ways. I got this dress at RW&CO a few months ago (on sale-yay!). The first look is how I would style it for a day at the office. I opt for a neutral heal and my go-to studded blazer.

IMG_4649IMG_4659 IMG_4674

Then, by simply changing up the jacket to denim and the shoes to my weekend warrior Toms, this dress is styled and ready for the weekend!IMG_4716 IMG_4739 IMG_4722 IMG_4753

For all of your ladies working 9-5 trying to have a non-boring work wardrobe that can be used on the weekends as well, stay tuned for more “1 for 2” looks! Also, feel free to share some of your go-to pieces that can be worn for both work and play!

WORK – dress: RW&CO | heels: David Dixon Collection | blazer: H&M | laptop case: Coach
WEEKEND – jean jacket: Zara | shoes: Toms | belt: Smart Set | clutch: Costa Blanca
ACCESSORIES – watch: Michael Kors | bracelets: Forever 21 | leaf necklace: Aldo